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What qualifications and experience do you have shooting sports photography?

A—I've been photographing sports for over 30 years. I currently am the lead photographer for and regularly shoot the Minnesota Wild (NHL), the Minnesota Gopher's Men's and Women's Hockey (BIG10), and many of the High School Hockey games around the Metro area. I also photograph Soccer, Football and Basketball—just to name a few.

Am I able to buy images directly off of your site?

A—Yes, click on the Buy button next to the image you are viewing and choose from the many sizes available-- 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20 and 20x30.

Can I order larger sizes than the ones I see or something different like a Canvas print?

A—Yes but for those types of special orders—you'll have to contact me directly for that order.

Can I buy prints from you instead of buying them thru your site?

A—Only if it is a Special Order such as a canvas print or if you contact me to arrange it.

Who is the printer you use and where are they located?

A--White House Custom Colour or WHCC, is located in Eagan, MN and is the premier professional photography and press printing lab serving photographers located beyond the United States to Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Are all prints I see available for sale?

A—Unfortunately no. Some images are Trademarked and not allowed to be sold. These include images from the NHL, Big10, WCHA and other Trademarked organizations.

Can we hire you to photograph a sporting event?

A—Absolutely--this is by far my create some great images for your child that they will display and keep forever. Images that just cannot be captured with a cell phone camera.

What do you charge to photograph a sporting event?

A—It varies but a typical investment would be approx $275 for one player and approx. $399 for a Team.

Do you shoot both individuals playing sports and teams?

A—Yes, I'm for hire to photograph anywhere from 1 player all the way up to the entire team.

Do you charge for travel?

A—I live in Stillwater, MN zip code 55082. My pricing includes any location within a 20 mile radius of Stillwater—or 40 miles round trip. Unless arranged otherwise, there will be an additional charge of $1.00 per mile. For example, if you are located 30 miles away from Stillwater—60 miles round trip, the 1st 20 miles are included (40 round trip), so you'll be charged for an additional 20 miles or $20.00.

How do you charge if we want you to photograph an entire team?

A—For a typical team of approx 15-20 players, I charge a Flat Rate of $399 plus any additional mileage if over 40 miles round trip away from Stillwater, MN. (See 'Do you charge for travel?' for further information).

Do you always capture every single player who has played in the game?

A—Although I will make every effort to photograph each and every player, there is no guarantee that will happen. Some players get more game time and others may not get as much.

When do you require payment and what methods of payment do you take?

A—I accept any of the following: Cash, Check or PayPal.

Do you provide digital images for use on Facebook/Twitter, etc?

A—Yes, the images you will receive either electronically or on disc will be sized for the Web and for Facebook.

Do we own the rights to reproduce the prints we purchase?

A—You will own the print(s) if you purchase them either directly from me or from my Website but you do not have the rights to make additional copies of the prints.

Do we own the rights to the digital images we purchase?

A—Yes you do, however, they cannot be used for advertising purposes. If you'd like an image(s) to be used for advertising, please contact me directly to discuss further pricing and proper sizing needed.

Do you provide discounts for larger purchases?

A—Yes. If you will be purchasing more than 10 images of the same player—please contact me via email at to inquire about a discount.

Will you shoot multiple games and if so, is there a discount for that?

A—Yes. Many parents/teams will hire me to shoot 2-3 games or more to assure I've captured all of the players or perhaps wanting images from their team playing a rival.

Will I see the Watermarks on the finished images that I see when I view them online?

A—First off, you will not see the large 'Jeff Wegge Photography' Watermark that is across the middle of the image you see online. It is likely however that you'll see the smaller Watermark in the lower right corner of each finished printed image.

Will we need to get you any 'Special Access' or do you need to photograph from any place other than the stands where the fans are?

A—In short—YES!! In order to get the best images possible, it is always best to contact the Coach and/or facility to arrange for me to get into a better position to photograph. For hockey—that is usually the players bench or a tall ladder placed up against the glass to allow me to shoot over the glass. For most other sports, that is usually sideline access. You could also let them know that I have a Media/Press Pass under the names Jeff Wegge Photography and/or Minnesota Hockey

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